Experimenting with Flat Design

June 10, 2015 // Web //

I’ve been experimenting with Flat Design for a while since the web has transcending computers and went mobile, literally, and I have to say I like the concepts. It’s easy to design and very uniformed. But, for some reason, I feel as if that its very limiting. If you’re not a good artist, you really can’t take the flat design to a whole new level. You can’t really think outside the box.

For me, it seems as if it’s really easy to get a site designed and online with flat design but I also feel like that I’m repeating the same style over and over again. Perhaps this is more or less a fault with me than with the actual practice itself. I need to definitely push my artistic skills forward and really *think* if I want to take this flat design to the next level.

Google’s Material design seems to have a lot of great concepts that really help in giving that extra push. It also has a good balance between “flat” and realism. Something I like, since I want to have certain elements defined rather than just on one dimension.

I’ve been working on a pet project for the newbies coming to town on the JET Program, but I’ve been taking me forever since I don’t want to create the same website… but for some reason, I just don’t have that creative inspiration to take the site to the next level.

Ah, well.