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October 29, 2015 // //

So, they needed a blog

I got an order from a company I was working remote for in Japan. They wanted a WordPress blog with a custom theme for their latest web store. They gave me a few links of what they had in mind for what direction they wanted the blog to look like. I went to work and came up with a few different layouts — but they specifically had one look they wanted to go for.

The problem I was running into was how to design and develop a blog that wasn’t a carbon copy of the ‘inspirational’ links they kept throwing at me. I would make sketches of layouts and ideas, present them, and be redirected back to this one specific website they were smitten with. Eventually, we came to a compromise and this theme came into fruition. It originally was intended to be integrated into their shopping cart but that was later scrapped.

I was in-charge of creating this entire WordPress theme from the bottom up. It takes advantage of the Jetpack plugin as well as CSS3 animations and the usual jQuery.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 2.41.21 PM