Skewing the text

June 13, 2015 // Projects //

I’ve been messing around with abstract shapes and stuff for a tiny web project I’m doing. It took me about twelve hours to figure out how to do this… I was too focused on loops and increasing element values by ways of clicking and mouseover rather than, well, the solution I ended up figuring out.

Which was pretty much to inject span elements before the object, pushing the lines to the left in increments through a loop, doubling the values.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 3.15.05 PM

As CSS evolves, I learned about shapes which will pretty much take web design to a whole different level as well as simplify the coding process even more (avoiding hacks like this). You can catch the sample over at the Adobe website, though so far, the only browser supporting shapes is Chrome.

In the mean time, I’ll get back to this website. I honestly need to teach myself to think in broader steps than in narrow increments.