Hi, my name is Tiffany and this is a Generic Portfolio Website

Like all generic introductions, I can talk about how I'm a freelance front-end web developer with several years experience both in the United States and in Japan. Wordpress theme customization is my specialty and I enjoy long walks on the beach, etc etc etc. But I won't, because that would make this a generic introduction.

Platinum Tuxedo
The ALT Guide to Komatsu
Johnny’s Concept
lol, Japan
A Merkypie in Japan
Unlock Ishikawa

A Generic Resume

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • JS/jquery
  • ActionScript3
  • PHP/mySQL

This Would Be the CV

  • 04.2013 ~ 04.2014

    The Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching Website Coordinator
  • 08.2012 ~ 08.2015

    JET Program Assistant Language Teacher (外国語指導助手)
  • 03.2010 ~ 08.2011

    Indian River State College, Bookstore Division Web Designer
  • 08.2009 ~ 03.2012

    Full Sail University Web Design and Development, Bachelors of Science
  • 01.2006 ~ 06.2007

    Digital Design Web Designer
  • 08.2006 ~ present

    Freelance WordPress / Online-Brochure Development

I Sort of Talk About Things Related to My Field Here

and other random things :-)

Jetpack and the Infinite Scroll →

October 29, 2015 // Web

Jetpack is a beautiful thing from the heavens. It has everything one could need — all them fancy WordPress.com bells and whistles and more. Infinite Scrolls, Site Stats, Related Posts, etc etc. A quick write up in functions.php and you’re on your way for Jetpack theme support. The problem is there isn’t much documentation on […]

Playing around →

June 21, 2015 // Personal

I’ve been playing around with mobile design. As more and more people go mobile, the design focus also goes mobile.   I love using Johnny’s Web and Net as test subjects. The site designs are so archaic that it seems like I’m jumping into a playground to see how I can bring it to the […]

Skewing the text →

June 13, 2015 // Projects

I’ve been messing around with abstract shapes and stuff for a tiny web project I’m doing. It took me about twelve hours to figure out how to do this… I was too focused on loops and increasing element values by ways of clicking and mouseover rather than, well, the solution I ended up figuring out. […]

Experimenting with Flat Design →

June 10, 2015 // Web

I’ve been experimenting with Flat Design for a while since the web has transcending computers and went mobile, literally, and I have to say I like the concepts. It’s easy to design and very uniformed. But, for some reason, I feel as if that its very limiting. If you’re not a good artist, you really […]

New beginnings →

May 26, 2015 // Personal

Aoi Tori has been through many looks in the course of its 11 years on the internet but I’ve finally decided to turn it into my portfolio. I’m using WordPress, which should make content management a lot easier than simply hard coding a bunch of pages. Because I’m lazy like that. This is by no […]

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